Paleo Diet Calendar and Tracking

It can be hard to keep to any diet especially the paleolithic diet. There are lots of different ways to stay on track with a diet.

In a past blogged about: Paleo and Sweets; Traveling and Paleo; and Pitching Paleo. These posts are about my experience with the paleo diet and staying on track.

My new secret tool:

  • A Whiteboard
  • A Dry Erase Pen
  • Different Acronyms For Heath

A white board with a calendar that I draw. I see the calendar everyday when I get up and when I am eating at home. By manually drawing the calendar I think there is more of a connection than just using my Google calendar or a calendar on the wall. That is my preference, you could use a calendar or day planner if you want.

At the end of everyday I mark different acronyms for my days diet and exercise. A lot of times I do different Crossfit exercise and will add the name of the WOD (work out of the day).

  1. P Paleo
  2. SF Surfing
  3. PU Push Ups
  4. PL Pull Ups
  5. R Run
  6. T tabata
  7. Y Yoga
  8. E Egosque

I use a big fat X across the whole day to track when I cheated on my paleo diet. When I cheat the usual culprit is alcohol, which leads to me eating what ever I can get. Some one make some drunk paleo recipes and I will link to you here. Maybe my next post will be Drinking and Paleo Food.

Here is the paleo diet and exercise tracking calendar I made for October:

I will update the calendar in November.

Best San Diego Breakfast

I have eaten a lots of different san diego restaurants, but the best San Diego breakfast restaurant is the Big Kitchen Cafe! This place is classic San Diego with more charisma and character than any other restaurant in San Diego.

san diego breakfast restaurant

Big Kitchen’s owner, Judy “The Beauty On Duty,” has run the restaurant since 1981. Judy’s presences will light up anyones day and she make you an incredible breakfast. Dedicated to her community, Judy has always been active in San Diego politics and helping people. She often brings in hungry people from the street to make sure they are fed. Judy’s passion for people drives her business. She is an amazing woman that everyone should meet.

Now to the paleo food… Big Kitchen will sub any of it’s sides with sautéed veggies, which I always do. I have a few favorite: Rozie’s Special (bacon, eggs, and cream cheese), chorizo and eggs, and any hamburger w/ out the bun.

Here is a picture of chorizo and eggs with sautéed veggies!

Big Kitchen’s also servers Kona Coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice.

If your in San Diego you have to eat here if you want to experience the hart of San Diego and the best breakfast restaurant!


30 Second Paleo Pitch

Trying to explain the paleo diet can be tough.  I have done it many of times and here is my paleolithic nutrition pitch, which I use at least once a week.

“Here is the deal.  The majority of my diet is meat and vegetables!

The easier way for me to put it is:

Imagine the food pyramid but…

The bottom is meats and proteins.

The middle is fruits and vegetables.

And the top is nuts and seeds.

I almost never eat grains or products containing grains or corn.  If you read nutrition labels on food package and you will see corn is in everything.

Dairy is out too.  I do cheat a bit  and have cream in my coffee, but don’t drink glasses of milk or eat yogurt.

I usually avoid legumes as well.

The paleo diet is not no carb diet.  I eat carbs all the time, just not from grains.

Paleolithic nutrition is not a crash diet for me, it is a life style.  We can get into all of the science about the diet, but it is easier to say: I feel better, have more energy, less pain, sleep easier, and overall am healthier compared to eat a diet with grains.”

That is the 30 second paleo pitch I give about once a week to the people who ask why I eat the way I do or start talking about health and diets.

Warning:  Be prepared to answer lots of questions about the science of the paleo diet and handle all sorts of rebuttals.  Unlike being vegan, which people tend to accommodate, paleo is met with lots of vigorous scrutiny.

In Vitro Meat and Paleo


A few weeks ago I was listening to NPR and they were talking to author Michael Specter about his article, “Test-Tube Burgers,” which was published in the New Yorker. The article is a detailed piece about the advancements of in-vitro meat aka meat started in a petri dish.

The article starts with Willem Van Eelen, a scientist with an intriguing story about his experience in a Japanese P.O.W. camp during World War II which lead him to a life long mission to create in-vitro meat. Van Eelen’s experience in the P.O.W. camp were key factors in his decision to become a psychologist, determined to find a way to help hungry people eat meat.

When Van Eelen first spoke with scientist about his idea of raising meat in a lab he was laughed at.

Fast forward to 1981 and the discovery of stem cells. Van Eelen’s dreams were starting to look promising. By 1999 he had U.S. and Intertnational patents for the Industrial Production of Meat Using Cell Culture Methods.

To date there is meat being made in labs, but the quantity is tiny in size. Ideally future technology will make the process of lab made meat efficient enough to feed the hungry.

The article goes on to address the issues that arise and how in-vitro meat could effect the world.

My favorite quote from, Dan barber, a food activist and celebrity chef is:

“I would rather eat test-tube hamburger than Purdue chicken. At least the burger you are going to know the ingredients. ”

Usually, I see here people voicing outrage about science and food. I think that there may be a huge opportunity to help a lot of people as long as the patents for the in-vitro meat stay in the right hands.

What do you think? Could scientist create meat that had all of the essentials and right balance of nutrients?

Paleo Sweet tooth

Paleo Sweet Tooth

Since I was young I have loved all kinds of sugary snacks: candy, ice cream, chocolate, cakes, etc. Is your mouth watering? Mine is.

But, generally, when you’re eating the paleo way, you should keep your sugar intake at a minimum. So all of the delicious sweets above are out. If you want to be really strict, you shouldn’t even have very much fruit, because fruits are high in sugars. If your goal is to lose weight, lowering your sugar intake is one of the things you need to do.
paleo and sweets

That being said how do you curb a paleo sweet tooth?

  1. Cut off access
  2. Find alternatives
  3. Don’t dine or hangout at places where you’re temped
  4. Cheat a little

#1 Cut off access
Getting rid of sweets in your house, at work, and from your secret hiding spots is the best start. If you don’t have the ability to easily get sweets you won’t eat them. Getting over the paleo sweet tooth starts at cutting off the source.

#2 Find Alternatives
Once you get used to not having sweets and paleolithic nutrition, you will have a different appetite. My favorite paleo sweet is dark chocolate. Make sure your get at least 72% cocoa. If you want go real primal, Go Raw makes real live chocolate.

My second paleo sweet alternative is fruit. A delicious bowl of blueberries or a simple apple will do the trick. There are many great paleo smoothie recipes online as well.

If you are a good cook there are many alternatives for gluten free pastries and sweets.

#3 Don’t Dine or hangout at places where you’re temped
This section is part of cutting off access. If you usually go to places which only sell sweets and breads for snack (i.e. most coffee shops) find new places to go. It is a lot easier to avoid sweets when there isn’t a barista offering a yummy frappe and a brownie that is a 1500 calorie combo.

This may be hard to do if you friends aren’t paleo dieters. In the beginning of going paleo you should avoid places that you may be temped for at least a few weeks. Let your friends know about what your are doing and the paleo diet and they should understand.

#4 Cheat a little
I am big believer in cheating every once in a while. I love chocolate mousse cake! So once in while I go to one of my favorite desert places and eat a $10 piece of cake. The paleo gods may shoot me down. The cake lets me enjoy my sweets and paleo. Paleo? Once I have had the amazing sugar rush my insulin goes crazy, my head hurts, and I get a stomach ache. Once again I remember why I am on the paleo diet and don’t crave sweets for a while.

By cutting off my access to sweets, finding paleo sweets alternatives, not going to places where I am temped by sweets and cheating every once in a while I have concord my paleo sweet tooth.

Infant milk shakes and HFCS this video is a must see!

Recently, I can across this video about sugar and HFCS. The MD giving the presentation, Robert H. Lustig, presents over whelming evidence of how sugar (particularly fructose) is the main cause of obesity in America. The detailed video, “Sugar: The Bitter Truth,” is an amazing representation of how poor health, big business, and bureaucracy have grossly distorted Americans’ concepts of “what is healthy.”

Paleo Milk

Paleo Milk = Almond Milk
paleo milk
Almond milk is becoming more and more popular as a substitute for cows milk and is a very health alternative, but don’t be fooled by the store brand almond milk.

All of the almond milks that I have seen in the grocery store are filled with sugar, preservatives, and soy. Paleolithic nutrition does not allow soy or preservatives and is calls for low amounts of sugar.

Making real paleo milk (almond milk) is easy and healthy.

What you need:

  • A Blender
  • 1 cup of almonds
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 tsp honey
  • Cheese clothe or linen
  • Container to hold Paleo Milk in

Paleo Milk Recipe

  1. Soak the almonds over night (a least 8 hours)
  2. Rinse the almonds with water
  3. combine almonds and 4 cups of water in blender
  4. turn that thing on high
  5. blend for a while
  6. use cheese clothe and strain
  7. Stir in Honey and Vanilla

Want a little extra? add 5-8 Dates with the almonds and water then blend

I was going to make a video for paleo milk, but the Korduroy video was awesome!

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Paleo Salad in 2 minutes

I just got home from a running 4.5 miles and doing “Angie” in the middle of the run.


For those of you not familiar with Crossfit’s Angie its: 100 pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats.  You move on to the next exercise once you have complete all 100 reps starting with pull-ups.   Usually Angie is done for time, but I did the run and Angie for the glory of completion.  I think the workout took me about an hour.


When I returned home I downed some water and started to stretch.  My stomach then said: “I’m HUNGRY!  Luckily I had thought ahead during my run about what I was going to eat when I returned.  Keeping to my paleolithic diet I wanted to eat a large salad.


I had left over chicken thighs, a spinach/mixed greens mix and avocado.  Simple Paleo Salad right?

paleo salad

To make the meal it took me about 2 minutes to prepare.  Here are the directions:


Put greens on a plate

Chop up an avocado an put on top of greens

Pull chicken off thigh bone, chop up, and put on top of the greens and avo


Season to your desire!


The first spice I reached for was pepper.  Shake. Shake? &*#& Um thats Thyme? Oh well add pepper, cheyenne, and sea salt.


Last but not least a little touch of evoo.

Ready to eat and recover.


Bon appâtait!

Also a quick recipe for Paleo Traveling.