30 Second Paleo Pitch

Trying to explain the paleo diet can be tough.  I have done it many of times and here is my paleolithic nutrition pitch, which I use at least once a week.

“Here is the deal.  The majority of my diet is meat and vegetables!

The easier way for me to put it is:

Imagine the food pyramid but…

The bottom is meats and proteins.

The middle is fruits and vegetables.

And the top is nuts and seeds.

I almost never eat grains or products containing grains or corn.  If you read nutrition labels on food package and you will see corn is in everything.

Dairy is out too.  I do cheat a bit  and have cream in my coffee, but don’t drink glasses of milk or eat yogurt.

I usually avoid legumes as well.

The paleo diet is not no carb diet.  I eat carbs all the time, just not from grains.

Paleolithic nutrition is not a crash diet for me, it is a life style.  We can get into all of the science about the diet, but it is easier to say: I feel better, have more energy, less pain, sleep easier, and overall am healthier compared to eat a diet with grains.”

That is the 30 second paleo pitch I give about once a week to the people who ask why I eat the way I do or start talking about health and diets.

Warning:  Be prepared to answer lots of questions about the science of the paleo diet and handle all sorts of rebuttals.  Unlike being vegan, which people tend to accommodate, paleo is met with lots of vigorous scrutiny.