Paleo Diet Calendar and Tracking

It can be hard to keep to any diet especially the paleolithic diet. There are lots of different ways to stay on track with a diet.

In a past blogged about: Paleo and Sweets; Traveling and Paleo; and Pitching Paleo. These posts are about my experience with the paleo diet and staying on track.

My new secret tool:

  • A Whiteboard
  • A Dry Erase Pen
  • Different Acronyms For Heath

A white board with a calendar that I draw. I see the calendar everyday when I get up and when I am eating at home. By manually drawing the calendar I think there is more of a connection than just using my Google calendar or a calendar on the wall. That is my preference, you could use a calendar or day planner if you want.

At the end of everyday I mark different acronyms for my days diet and exercise. A lot of times I do different Crossfit exercise and will add the name of the WOD (work out of the day).

  1. P Paleo
  2. SF Surfing
  3. PU Push Ups
  4. PL Pull Ups
  5. R Run
  6. T tabata
  7. Y Yoga
  8. E Egosque

I use a big fat X across the whole day to track when I cheated on my paleo diet. When I cheat the usual culprit is alcohol, which leads to me eating what ever I can get. Some one make some drunk paleo recipes and I will link to you here. Maybe my next post will be Drinking and Paleo Food.

Here is the paleo diet and exercise tracking calendar I made for October:

I will update the calendar in November.