Paleo Salad in 2 minutes

I just got home from a running 4.5 miles and doing “Angie” in the middle of the run.


For those of you not familiar with Crossfit’s Angie its: 100 pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats.  You move on to the next exercise once you have complete all 100 reps starting with pull-ups.   Usually Angie is done for time, but I did the run and Angie for the glory of completion.  I think the workout took me about an hour.


When I returned home I downed some water and started to stretch.  My stomach then said: “I’m HUNGRY!  Luckily I had thought ahead during my run about what I was going to eat when I returned.  Keeping to my paleolithic diet I wanted to eat a large salad.


I had left over chicken thighs, a spinach/mixed greens mix and avocado.  Simple Paleo Salad right?

paleo salad

To make the meal it took me about 2 minutes to prepare.  Here are the directions:


Put greens on a plate

Chop up an avocado an put on top of greens

Pull chicken off thigh bone, chop up, and put on top of the greens and avo


Season to your desire!


The first spice I reached for was pepper.  Shake. Shake? &*#& Um thats Thyme? Oh well add pepper, cheyenne, and sea salt.


Last but not least a little touch of evoo.

Ready to eat and recover.


Bon appâtait!

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