Paleo Sweet tooth

Paleo Sweet Tooth

Since I was young I have loved all kinds of sugary snacks: candy, ice cream, chocolate, cakes, etc. Is your mouth watering? Mine is.

But, generally, when you’re eating the paleo way, you should keep your sugar intake at a minimum. So all of the delicious sweets above are out. If you want to be really strict, you shouldn’t even have very much fruit, because fruits are high in sugars. If your goal is to lose weight, lowering your sugar intake is one of the things you need to do.
paleo and sweets

That being said how do you curb a paleo sweet tooth?

  1. Cut off access
  2. Find alternatives
  3. Don’t dine or hangout at places where you’re temped
  4. Cheat a little

#1 Cut off access
Getting rid of sweets in your house, at work, and from your secret hiding spots is the best start. If you don’t have the ability to easily get sweets you won’t eat them. Getting over the paleo sweet tooth starts at cutting off the source.

#2 Find Alternatives
Once you get used to not having sweets and paleolithic nutrition, you will have a different appetite. My favorite paleo sweet is dark chocolate. Make sure your get at least 72% cocoa. If you want go real primal, Go Raw makes real live chocolate.

My second paleo sweet alternative is fruit. A delicious bowl of blueberries or a simple apple will do the trick. There are many great paleo smoothie recipes online as well.

If you are a good cook there are many alternatives for gluten free pastries and sweets.

#3 Don’t Dine or hangout at places where you’re temped
This section is part of cutting off access. If you usually go to places which only sell sweets and breads for snack (i.e. most coffee shops) find new places to go. It is a lot easier to avoid sweets when there isn’t a barista offering a yummy frappe and a brownie that is a 1500 calorie combo.

This may be hard to do if you friends aren’t paleo dieters. In the beginning of going paleo you should avoid places that you may be temped for at least a few weeks. Let your friends know about what your are doing and the paleo diet and they should understand.

#4 Cheat a little
I am big believer in cheating every once in a while. I love chocolate mousse cake! So once in while I go to one of my favorite desert places and eat a $10 piece of cake. The paleo gods may shoot me down. The cake lets me enjoy my sweets and paleo. Paleo? Once I have had the amazing sugar rush my insulin goes crazy, my head hurts, and I get a stomach ache. Once again I remember why I am on the paleo diet and don’t crave sweets for a while.

By cutting off my access to sweets, finding paleo sweets alternatives, not going to places where I am temped by sweets and cheating every once in a while I have concord my paleo sweet tooth.